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What Belongs To Us

Why do we choose to live in poverty, sickness and defeat? It is a choice made by many out of ignorance. We cannot chose to live in victory if we do not know that it belongs to us

Have We Become Desensitized

What have we shown the man on the street but a lethargic church that has fallen asleep at the wheel.

Freely We Have Received

It is our duty and our greatest privege as a child of God to take what we have been freely given and give it to others.

The Lord's Prayer

When we prayer the Lord's Prayer do we really have a clear understanding of what it is that we are actually praying or could we possibly be falling into vein repetitions.

Man was created with a deep desire within their very being to fellowship with the God who created them. There is a place within the heart and soul of man that lay empty and unfulfilled until that place of fellowship is restored within them. Many search their whole lives for "something", "anything" that might fill the void they feel within. Yet there is only One who can fill that void. And even as the heart searches it already knows the truth of that for which it seeks. For within the very heart of every man is placed the knowledge that God does exist for God has said in His word that He has placed the knowledge that... He is... within man.